Marquella M. Whiters

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.  Marquella is a Self-esteem Educator & Chief Executive Officer of PSB Inc. She is also a Professional Life Coach for Women at The Quella Experience, LLC. She is a hardworking dream chaser, leader, loyal, down to earth, intellectual, positive and independent female who desires to accomplish many goals. Marquella graduated from J. Sargent Reynolds where she obtained her degree in Business Management. In the future.  Marquella plans to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, to pursue her bachelors in Community Health. She decided to leave Corporate America and now she is solely focused on her entrepreneurial journey of helping plus size women in the community through personal and group coaching. Marquella loves fashion, traveling, modeling, and shopping, empowering and motivating women of size. She is very photogenic, helps the community, and enjoys being of aid to others. 


Over the past 7 years, Marquella was able to connect with women from all walks of like within her professional network. She was featured in various media outlets; Queen Size Magazine, Urban Girlz Magazine, Richmond Times Dispatch, and Richmond FREE Press.


We here at PSB Inc. strives to improve the quality of our members and community so that they are well educated to live a healthier, be confident, all while being beautiful. We appreciate that you trust PSB Inc., to help with the success of your future. If I could be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.