Turning young ladies into DIVAS, one smile at a time.



PSB, Inc. accepts young women who are willing to commit to volunteer duties by investing at least 10-15 hours of service. PSB members and volunteers will mentor these ladies and will also assist in any way as needed during this time. There is a one-time non refundable $20 registration and a monthly activity fee for the amount of $20. Registration form should be completed before the child can be accepted into the program.


Our organization has founded a scholarship campaign for high school students with hopes of continuing their education on a higher level. There are many students who have dreams, talents, and a commitment towards higher education but lack the financial resources needed to turn their aspirations into realities. DIVA Elite Scholarships™ coupled with our various ways to fellowship and network can create life-changing opportunities for so many young women seeking growth and sisterhood. Becoming a DIVA Elite will also give students a chance to uplift confidence through empowerment and self-esteem workshops along with quarterly themed photoshoots.

Our initial goal is to raise $5,000 for student aid with a vision to increase this amount over time with the help of sponsors and community support. Along with achieving this goal, our plan is to ensure a diverse learning system providing support for high performing students as well as council for those who may need guidance in the right direction. As we continue to grow we hope to provide a strong support system for our mentees as well help offset student loan debt many students tend to have post-graduation. We will not only point these young ladies in the right direction but act as a support system throughout their college experience allowing them to blossom into a woman of PSB, Inc. if their heart desires.

In order to help our students pursue their dreams we need support from our community. Please help us meet and exceed our scholarship goal by clicking the donate tab so that we are able to better serve the potential future leaders of our community. We will be accepting all monetary donations as well as any resources you may have to offer. No amount is too small and no resource will be overlooked. We truly appreciate your support in advance and we thank you on behalf of the young ladies and the women of PSB, Inc.


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