Pretty Plush Culture

All models are to fulfill certain duties and expectations that support the Mission and Values of the company.  All models are expected to conduct themselves in a manner deserving of the organization and the public trust.  

The following list is not all-inclusive, but is intended to illustrate the minimum expectations for the acceptable organization conduct and performances. This organization has the authority to supplement this list as needed in a manner consistent with the needs of the organization and intent of this policy:

  • Report to all meetings, photoshoots, workshops and events as scheduled.

  • Perform assigned duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of public trust.

  • Devote full effort to the model responsibilities

  • Keep all social media post positive, and encouraging. Remember you are a model of Pretty Plush that represents the company’s values.

  • Report circumstances or concerns that may affect satisfactory model performance to management, including any inappropriate (i.e. fraudulent, illegal, unethical) activities of models.

  • Work cooperatively to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Demonstrate respect for the organization and towards the organization models, leadership and the public.

  • Meet or exceed established model performance and expectations.