Honorary Membership

An Honorary member is someone who partakes in PSB activities and events at their leisure. They are not responsible for membership dues. An honorary member is accepted by the group as a sort of courtesy without going through the membership process as a normal member would.

Gold Diva Membership

This membership is for college members ONLY. Members who choose to be apart of a college chapter will be considered as a gold diva member and are responsible for a $99.00 membership fee. This particular membership will cover the following:

  • PSB Chapter T-shirt
  • Minimum of 24 hours of community service per semester
  • Must attend all meetings
  • Sisterhood Events

Platinum Diva Membership

Members who choose the New Membership package will be responsible for $299.00 membership fee for the year. This particular membership will cover the following:

  • Sisterhood Events
  • Unlimited Classes & Workshops
  • National Organizational Dues
  • Membership Handbook
  • PSB T-Shirt  
  • Empowerment Journal & Pen