We shifted the atmosphere!

Our organization has shifted our focus and vision towards membership chapters for high school and college students which provide various workshops and trainings to help prepare for their future. We are looking for committee members and or business professionals to join our  amazing team. If you enjoying helping young adults succeed, taking road trips to visit high school and college student events, PSB Inc. is the place to be!

This is a rewarding way to volunteer for service projects that strengthen the community where we live. Please join us at our committee interest meeting held on September 30, 2017!

We turned 7 yesterday!

Yesterday was a very special day for PSB Inc.! The organization was founded 7 years ago on 1/9/10.  "Every obstacle was worth it and this is only the beginning of GREATNESS." stated the Founder. I could not have done it without my amazing team of Board of Directors, Members, Volunteers, and Community Support! Congrats Ladies of PSB for 7 years of dedicated service

PSB Fitness

Let's keep our body right by eating the right foods... here's a guide to use during your grocery shopping. Summer is right around the corner. Head over and join our Facebook support group called PSB Fitness.

                                                                          PSB Fitness
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