Organizational Values

  • I AM  “PSB”  – You are a representation of a Plus Size Beauti. Promote yourself with confidence as a full figure woman with positive behavior and a positive body image at all times.
  • Confidence - We emphasize self-esteem, self-confidence, Beauty, and Dignity, not only the members of the organization but in our community as well.
  • Passion – Our ambition is the passion of a great character. Love what you do!
  • Volunteering – We love serving our communities, family, and faith.
  • Making A difference – We set examples as curvaceous women to inspire not only curvy women but to everyone in the world.
  • Encouragement – We encourage everyone to love themselves for who they are.
  • Respect – We show respect to our sisters and community at all times.

As Ladies of PSB We Aim To...

  • Promoting beauty & self love
  • Exemplify positive body images.
  • Reach Health Awareness & Healthy Life Choices
  • Serve Our Communities, Families, & FAITH
  • Open Doors for Women, Teens and Youth
  • Network for Ultimate Business Success