Our Mission

The mission of PSB Plus Size Beauti’s, Incorporated is to help identify the inner beauty and strength in women who have dealt and are currently dealing with obesity, confidence and/or body issues. We believe that promoting a healthier lifestyle through empowerment, education, and community (sisterhood, fellowship, and companionship) will foster a sense of self-esteem building the confidence necessary to not only feel beautiful but be successful as well.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the quality of our members and community so that they are well educated to live a lot healthier, all while being beautiful. The future plans for PSB is to begin chapters on HCBU campuses catering to women who are struggling with weight, confidence, body image and/or health issues. PSB provides responsive, efficient and high quality public services that promote self-sufficiency, well-being and prosperity of its members, families, businesses and communities.